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Private Lending in 2019 Webinar

Are you a commercial mortgage broker with clients still struggling to get finance from the banks? Join us for this webinar where Private Mortgages Australia’s managing director Tony Barbone will discuss the lending landscape following the royal commission and cover how borrowers can access finance in this restricted environment when the banks are still saying no.


Join this webinar if you:

  • Had a commercial client turned down by a bank when applying for finance
  • Have clients that don’t meet the bank’s traditional serviceability requirements
  • Want to find out about alternative options to the banks
  • Want to find the best opportunities for your clients
  • Are looking for finance options that are tailored specifically to your clients
  • Have developer clients who might not have 100% pre-sale coverage
  • Have a client looking for urgent funding
  • Are looking for short-term finance options
  • Want to be rewarded for providing a great finance opportunity to your client


How to Get Development Finance Webinar

It’s no secret that securing development finance from a major bank is getting more and more difficult. Like the GFC days when it was virtually impossible to obtain finance, tighter controls continue to be implemented. Banks generally require 100% of debt coverage from pre-sales and they have pulled back on the percentage of hard costs that they will fund.

In this webinar find out about the alternatives to the banks when you require funding for your development project.


Join this webinar if you:

  • Are struggling to obtain finance from the banks for your development projects?
  • The bank is requesting 100% debt coverage from pre-sales?
  • You don’t meet traditional serviceability requirements
  • You need urgent funding
  • You require funding to complete your development project
  • You need a short-term loan