Smart finance for Small to Medium Businesses

Private Mortgages Australia offers cost-effective loans to small-to-medium businesses that can’t get finance from the banks. Our transparent lending process offers greater flexibility and quicker turnarounds than traditional lenders so that a business can get the best solution for achieving its goals.


We pride ourselves on our rapid response to loan applications and often have pre-approval within a few hours. All credit assessments are conducted in-house and once we’ve received all the correct documentation we usually have everything settled within 48 hours.


Our loans are conducted over shorter periods than banks with typical terms from three months.


Unlike the banks, Private Mortgages Australia has the flexibility to offer tailored solutions that are adapted to meet a client’s specific needs. We can help borrowers who:

  • need urgent funding
  • have an ATO debt
  • want to borrow against property value rather than purchase price
  • are paying out business partners
  • have an urgent business opportunity
  • are developers needing to complete a project
  • are credit impaired
Private Mortgages Australia offer first mortgage finance.

First Mortgage Finance

We provide registered first mortgage finance to eligible applicants. Our rates are from 8.95% per annum.

Private Mortgages Australia offers second mortgage finance.

Second Mortgage Finance

We also provide registered second mortgage finance to eligible applicants. Our rates are from 14.95% per annum.