Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who can borrow from PMA?
PMA lends to Individuals, Partnerships, Companies and Trusts provided there is a genuine business purpose. If the borrower is a Company or a Trust with a Company Trustee, then the loan is deemed to be for business purposes.
2Does PMA provide consumer credit?
No, PMA doesn’t have a Consumer Credit License and therefore is unable to provide consumer credit. PMA can only provide commercial credit that is for a genuine business purpose. If the borrower is an established company, then the loan is deemed to be commercial.
3Does PMA provide unsecured finance?
No, PMA only provides finance secured by Australian real estate with available equity. Loans are secured by either a First or Second mortgage.
4Does PMA provide development finance?
Yes, PMA can provide finance for development projects. The finance must be secured by the project by either a First or Second mortgage.
5Do we have to prepay the interest?
Yes, all loans have either prepaid or capitalised interest and also come with an extension period. Any unused interest is rebated during the extension period.
6Can I repay early and is there any penalty if loan is repaid early?
You can repay early and there is no penalty however the prepaid interest is not refundable during the prepaid term.
7Does PMA do SMSF loans?
No, PMA does not lend to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (‘SMSF’). There are special rules that regulate lending to SMSFs.
8Does PMA do Factoring Lending?
No, PMA does not do any loan or invoice factoring.
1For development loans, does PMA require pre-sales?
Unlike the banks we don’t require a high percentage of pre-sales. We consider other factors rather than basing our decision to lend entirely on pre-sales. As long as the project can demonstrate that there is market adoption of the end product, we are happy to lend.
2Does PMA Lend for Rural areas?
Yes, we lend in rural areas however the maximum loan-to-value ratio we will lend at is lower than properties in metro areas.
3Where do the PMA funds come from?
PMA is the exclusive Mortgage Manager for several Funds that have Wholesale & Retail investors.

We also have the backing of an independent wholesale funder who has committed to investing up to $100 million to fund our portfolio of registered first mortgages. PMA is a part of Active Property Group, that specialises in creating products for investors.
4What financials does PMA require?
In most cases PMA does not need to review financials and that is because PMA doesn’t look at borrower serviceability. PMA is an asset lender that is mainly concerned with the properties value, LVR and exit strategy.
5Do you offer support and training for brokers and referrers?
Yes, we regularly host webinars which provide valuable information to brokers and referrers who want to learn more about private mortgages for their commercial clients. We also have a series of training videos which discuss relevant topics in easy to consume bite-size segments. We also host a range of case studies on our website so that you can see the kinds of work we do.
6Do you reward referrers?
Yes, we do. Our broker and referrer partners are an extremely important part of our business and we want to show our appreciation by rewarding this work accordingly. We pay all Referrer fees within 24 hours of settlement with no clawbacks and our Referrer Rewards program offers great incentives to our referrers when they reach certain loan milestones. Read more about being a PMA Referrer in our Referrer Pack here.
7Does PMA lend against Leasehold or Going Concern?
No, PMA only provides finance secured by Australian real estate with available equity. Loans are secured by either a First or Second mortgage.

Who can we help?

We can help borrowers who need finance for genuine business purposes such as:

  • completing a development project
  • acquiring land for a developement
  • urgent funding for business purchase
  • paying an outstanding ATO debt
  • refinancing an existing loan
  • paying out business partners
  • an urgent business opportunity

Are you a broker or referrer?

90% of our clients come via a broker or referrer, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we generously reward our referrers for introducing their clients to us. We even reward you if your client returns to us directly. All our referrer rewards are paid within 24 hours of settlement with no clawbacks.