Read case studies about the various ways in which Private Mortgages Australia has been able to help our clients. Whether it’s funding for an urgent business opportunity or paying off an ATO debt, we look at the individual circumstances and come up with a solution.

Overseas Borrower - Case Study

Overseas Borrower

This overseas Borrower based in New Zealand needed funds to purchase a luxury apartment in Melbourne’s Southbank district.

Property Fliploan

Property Flip

The Borrower needed funds to complete a property flip project  and used the purchased property and another renovated property as security.

Residential Subdivision Finance

Residential Subdivision

The Borrower needed funds to refinance and consolidate debts following the purchase of a $9M piece of land for subdivision.

ATO Debt - Private Mortgages Australia can help borrowers who need to repay ATO debts

Repaying ATO Debts

The Borrower had substantial ATO Debts and required short-term funding to repay the debts as legal action had been commenced by the ATO.

Asset Lending - Private Mortgages Australia helped a borrower wanting to relocate a business

Asset Lending – Business Relocation

The Borrower needed funds to relocate their business to another city but couldn’t get bank funding due to lack of serviceability.

A loan for a borrower with no bank finance

One With The Lot

A Borrower needing urgent finance, with no serviceability, bad credit and wanting a loan based on valuation not contract price.

Private Mortgages Australia can help with a loan for Paying Out Business Partners

Paying Out Business Partners

The Borrower ran a cafe business and needed to pay out one of the business partners after they absconded.

Development Funding - Private Mortgages Australia can provide finance for development projects

Development Finance

The Borrower required funding for the development of three townhouses and was unable to obtain finance from the bank.

Private Mortgages Australia helped with an urgent loan for a subdivision.

Urgent Opportunity – Subdivision

The Borrower  had an opportunity to invest in a lucrative land subdivision but only had until the end of the week to secure the opportunity.

Private Mortgages Australia was able to help with urgent funding at Christmas time

Urgent Funding at Christmas

The Borrower needed short-term funding for the purchase of a development site and had to settle before Christmas.

Private Mortgages Australia is able to offer funding based on valuation not contract price

Valuation not Contract Price

The Borrower required a short-term loan to settle the acquisition of a supermarket but wanted the loan based on valuation not contract price.

Private Mortgages Australia can finance urgent business opportunities

Purchase Special Equipment 

A marine engineering business needed urgent funding to  purchase special items to complete a lucrative customer boat order.

Private Mortgages Australia can assist with townhouse development projects

Town House Development

A developer required funding to purchase the site for the development of 12 three-storey townhouses but couldn’t get bank finance.

Credit Impaired - Private Mortgages Australia can help borrowers with bad credit

Credit Impaired

The Borrower needed urgent finance to consolidate a number of business debts and were denied by the bank because of the bad credit file.

Private Mortgages Australia can lend in order to refinance a caveat loan

Refinancing a Caveat Loan

The Borrower had an existing caveat loan which had expired so were being charged higher interest and the bank would not refinance.

Land Purchase Loan in Mornington Peninsula

Land Purchase Loan

A borrower required funding to purchase land on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC, for future use as a vineyard.

Private mortgage case study - urgent equity release

Urgent Equity Release

A borrower needed urgent finance for an investment in the development of a retirement village.

Renovation Loans

Short-Term Renovation Loan

A borrower needed a short-term loan to finance the purchase and renovation of an apartment.

Construction finance

Construction Finance

A borrower needed to refinance a loan in order to construct two townhouses.

Urgent refinance on first mortgage

Urgent Refinance

A borrower needed to an urgent refinance from a major bank and to change title.

Land Acquisition Case Study

Land Acquisition

A borrower needed finance for the purchase of a 26.1ha block of land to be subdivided.

Completion Finance for townhouse development

Completion Finance

PMA assisted a borrower with completion finance to complete a townhouse development.

Finance for townhouse development

Construction Support

This Borrower needed finance to construct three houses with a Second Mortgage.

Urgent Settlement Finance

Urgent Settlement

A borrower needed finance for urgent settlement on a residential property in Nowra.

Equity release finance

Equity Release (Second Mortgage)

PMA was able to assist with equity release for the construction of 12 apartments.