Increase Broker Revenue With Private Lending

  • Unlock the potential of your current clients

  • Increase revenue by diversifying your offering

  • Earn up to $20K referring clients with business borrowing needs

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Bring in more leads, increase referrals and increase your mortgage broker income

Are you a residential mortgage broker looking for ways to grow your business and bring in extra revenue, but don't have the time to change your entire business plan, conduct costly marketing campaigns and attend time-consuming networking events to find new clients? At Private Mortgages Australia, we understand the importance of mortgage broker leads and referrals in boosting your mortgage broker revenue and earnings, but have you heard the old business adage that 'the best customer is the one you’ve already got'?

Well, in our free guide to Building A Better Brokerage, we show you how you can leverage your current clients to create new leads for increasing your mortgage broker salary.

We'll show you how to:

  • recognise which clients may require additional finance

  • refer them to a lender who can assist them so you don't have to lift a finger

  • earn up-front commission on average of $20K per referral

  • increase your revenue by up to 60% by referring a few clients a year

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Did you know that 30% of a residential mortgage brokers clients are also small business owners? This presents a great opportunity to be able to provide financing solutions for clients you already have on your books, and as such increase the revenue of your mortgage broking business without having to always be on the lookout for new leads and referrals.

This is where having a private lender on your panel can be hugely beneficial. In this webinar we’ll explain the basics of private lending and how working with a private lender could help you to grow your brokerage business by up to 60% per year.

Grow Your Brokerage Business

Join this webinar if:

  • You're looking to grow your brokerage business and earn extra revenue.
  • You don’t want to change your entire business plan and shift away from residential lending
  • You don't have expertise or cash to put towards marketing for new clients
  • You don't have the time to be completing a bunch of new loan applications for clients
  • You want to find out about a referral program that will help grow your mortgage broker earnings

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With interest rates in Australia on the rise and a flattening property market, mortgage brokers are going to need to work harder to bring in more residential mortgage clients.

However, there is another way to bring in business without having to go searching for new clients - diversification. By offering different lending products to your current client database you can increase your revenue exponentially.

And you don’t need to completely change your business plan or do a heap of training to do so. In this article we show you how you can grow your broking business revenue by up to 60% through diversification.

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PMA’s Mortgage Broker Referral Program

If you’re looking for ways to increase your mortgage broker salary then introducing Private Mortgages Australia’s product offering to your lending options could be the way to reaching your revenue goals.

At PMA we pride ourselves on the great working relationships we have with our mortgage broker referral partners. We work closely with our trusted brokers to understand the client’s needs and develop a tailored solution that will deliver the best results for all involved.

We appreciate the great work our brokers do and reward this work accordingly. This is why we’ve made changes to the way we reward our brokers by becoming channel agnostic. This means that if a broker refers a client to us, that client takes out a loan and then that same client comes back to us directly for another loan, we will still pay the mortgage broker a referral fee. All referrer fees are paid within 24 hours of settlement, with no clawback!

Referrers have the ability to nominate a Service Fee up to 1.00% (Plus GST) if they don't have a signed mandate. If a referrer has a signed mandate then this amount will be included in the Indicative Letter of Offer. Any variation on the above needs to be agreed in writing by PMA and the Referrer.

Let's take a look at how much you could earn by referring to PMA:

  • Average SME loan size is $1M

  • Mandate Fee of 1% + 1% Referral Fee = $20,000 per client scenario on a $1M loan

  • Refer just 3 clients per year = $20,000 x 3 = $60,000 in additional fees each year

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Edward Chin
Edward Chin
"A good private lender that can execute quickly when all the ducks are in order. Shane Uttley the Manager in QLD went above and beyond to try settle a deal for a client of ours during the Xmas/New Year break. Appreciate the whole team’s help."

"Our firm has just settled our first finance deal with Shane and the team at PMA. There were unforeseen problems that would have proved too difficult for most lenders, but Shane, Dushen & Peter navigated the situation with aplomb. The feedback was comforting and at no time was there any doubt that I was in the hands of experienced professionals. I wholeheartedly recommend this team to anyone seeking development finance."

Philip McCoy
Philip McCoy
"Excellent and prompt service. A perfect solution to accessing short term business funds."
Vicki C. - First-Time Borrower
Vicki C. - First-Time BorrowerNew South Wales
"We found the PMA team to be polite, efficient and professional at all times. Venus, Shanta and Peter responded to any questions, followed up on delays and ensured settlement was achieved in a timely manner."
Cameron Heap - Repeat Borrower
Cameron Heap - Repeat BorrowerVictoria
"Great service, clear and open communication and easy to deal with. Very happy to recommend."
Evan Yelavich - Repeat Borrower
Evan Yelavich - Repeat BorrowerPlanning Plus
"I have just used PMA for a second time now after an initial positive experience.  Like last time, I found the team to be friendly and helpful and believe that they offer a reasonable product which has allowed me to get on with the job of delivering more projects.
Geoff Kull - Repeat Borrower
Geoff Kull - Repeat Borrower
"Our sincerest gratitude to Peter, Shanta, Gerry and the team at Private Mortgages Australia. Their financing solutions have enabled us and our business Kullcorp Precast to continue development of our world first Low Carbon Concrete (LCC) precast concrete panel business here in Moss Vale, NSW." 
D Fleming
D FlemingMortgage Broker
"Over the last 6 years that I have referred clients to PMA, it has been an absolute pleasure. The time it takes to assess files, then issue Offers, then take each file through to Settlement has been nothing short of great. It is very pleasing that once a quote is obtained from PMA, there are never any surprises in their Loan Approval letters which makes it easier to manage clients expectations."
Hedley Harding
Hedley Harding
"I approached the team at PMA as the matter was urgent and my client  was saved from losing their residential property. The team at PMA  wasted no time to approve my clients refinance of $1.375M and it settled within four days. I have a very satisfied client now thanks to the team at PMA."
Donna Cameron
Donna CameronBorrower, Canberra
“Private Mortgages Australia were able to offer me a loan solution which complemented my property and individual circumstances perfectly. The professionalism of staff and the simplicity of the process have been a breath of fresh air compared to other lenders. I would not hesitate using the PMA services in future and thoroughly recommend this company to anyone looking for a quick but robust short term finance solution for business investment.”
Luke Moroney - Repeat Borrower
Luke Moroney - Repeat BorrowerProperty Investor, Search Party Property
"I found the team at Private Mortgages Australia to be very efficient and responsive with organising a loan process. Even when staff members were on leave, others stepped in and where across all aspects of the set up. We had a short amount of time to put together the deal, and the team were able to get the job done, which prevented financial burden." 
Kim Lyons
Kim Lyons
"PMA have recently assisted our client in purchasing an investment property in South Bank, VIC Australia. This was the first time we had facilitated a loan for a client based in New Zealand purchasing in Australia. The team at PMA were very accommodating with their time and expertise and we would have no hesitation in using their services again in the future."   
Rebekah Raymond - Repeat Borrower
Rebekah Raymond - Repeat BorrowerCocoon Constructions
"Coming from a position where I thought a loan was impossible, PMA took stock of my situation and could see that granting a loan was a safe undertaking. PMA worked with us in a clear, efficient and speedy manner to meet my loan requirement. The 8 week bridging finance loan was repaid in 5 weeks and I am well under way with my next house flip project. Thanks to PMA - I'll definitely be a return customer!"
Simone, Gold Coast
Simone, Gold Coast
"We appreciate all the efforts, in difficult and challenging circumstances. Your professional approach and ability to get the deal done has been much appreciated by all."
Paul Pitman
Paul PitmanPitman Properties
“PMA were very detailed in requesting information from us in the first instance which was annoying but in the end gave me the security in knowing all was in order and I was given a full understanding of my obligation. Importantly they had the flexibility to change conditions to suit our particular circumstances even right at the end of the process. I would recommend them.”
Peter McAuley
Peter McAuley
“My dealings with PMA, on behalf of my client, were handled in a very competent and professional manner. From loan application to settlement we were at all times kept informed, which allied any client concerns. Professional, efficient service concluding in timely settlement.”
Emily Property Developer, Melbourne
“I have found the team at PMA to be personable and a pleasure to deal with, and more importantly they moved very quickly to get our funding approved in the necessary time. I would use them again, and have no problem in recommending them to my friends and colleagues.”
Warren Bund
Warren BundWarren Bund Financial Services
"PMA responded to an 11th hour call for funding following two previous lenders not delivering on their representations. PMA's can do attitude and flexible approach was appreciated by both the borrowers and myself and the resultant settlement brought a huge relief and closure for my clients."
Keiran Herlihy
Keiran Herlihy
"Thank you Peter. You made an uncertain process (non-traditional funding) a whole lot easier. Will be very comfortable in passing more opportunities across your desk."
Danny Jin
Danny JinDirector, Dedicate Consulting & Advisory
"I’m impressed with the professionalism that Private Mortgages Australia has shown during the process of the whole transaction for my client. They really try to understand the client’s position and work to facilitate the best outcome. My client is now able to commence their construction project without the requirement of pre-sales. We look forward to continue working with Private Mortgages Australia in the future."
Jonathon Client, Adelaide
"After one phone call I explained our situation to Private Mortgages Australia, and what equity we had. Not only where they able to map out a way to move fast and reach the amount we needed, but they also facilitated the settlement which was above and beyond. PMA’s honesty, integrity, compliance, professionalism, all made the deal work. PMA are true lenders who think of people and money in a way that all parties win." 
LynMortgage Broker, Hobart
"It was a pleasure working with yourself and PMA. It was interesting for me as a broker to see the flexibility that PMA used to conform to policy and still meet client requirements as much as possible. Appreciate your help and support."
DonMortgage Broker, Melbourne
"My first dealing with Peter at PMA was very easy and resulted in a happy client. It was during the festive season too which usually makes it tougher but it all went well. Thanks again Peter, from myself and my client."
JanetteMortgage Broker, Melbourne
"I have found Private Mortgages Australia to have a high standard of skill, care and integrity.  Their unique lending products can assist clients in many useful ways. Used the right way PMA is an efficient tool which can enhance clients' financial strength."
Roger Mortgage Broker, Labrador
“My client required a short term loan to settle property that is to be developed. Vendor would not extend. After some 35 years in traditional banking it was a pleasure and surprise to deal with PMA. They were very professional, easy to deal with and kept me informed through the whole process. I was expecting a 'process similar to a bank' and receiving the exact opposite. Will definitely use PMA again.”
Adelio Mortgage Broker, Point Cook
"The process and the outcome was over my and my clients expectations. Turn around time is absolutely exceptional, 11 out of 10. I am looking forward to do more business with Private Mortgages in the future."
KathyMortgage Broker, Maroochydore
“Just want to thank you and the boys for making this application so easy. Obviously my client thinks so too because he was happy to come back for another loan. With plenty of choices out there for private funding, it is nice to be able to find and deal with a company that is professional and reliable.”
WarrenMortgage Broker, Adelaide
“I have recently settled a loan for one of my clients with Private Mortgages Australia being the lender. I congratulate them on a seamless process conducted in a very professional manner. The quality of service coupled with a mindset based upon how can we make this loan work to the mutual satisfaction of both parties is a refreshing experience.”
FrancescaMortgage Broker, Sydney
“Thank you once again for your support in helping our client achieve their financial needs. On behalf of myself and staff we deeply appreciate how this matter was handled, we received lots of dedication and support. We would definitely refer more business as we are sure that clients will be looked after.”
CameronMortgage Broker, Melbourne
“I just completed a deal with Private Mortgages Australia and the process couldn’t have been easier. Despite being around Christmas, Peter and Tony were highly responsive and engaged with the client to get the deal done quickly. I would certainly recommend them for anyone needing private funding and wanting to avoid the sharks out there.”
MichaelMortgage Broker, Melbourne
"PMA helped my client with finance for her business. The process was very easy and the staff, especially Peter, were great. They kept myself and client informed of what was happening and managed the process very well. Draw-down was quick compared with other lending institutions and I would highly recommend them to other brokers and customers."