Bridging or Working Capital Loans

Why a Bridging or Working Capital Loan from PMA is a good option for your client:

  • They can’t meet banks serviceability requirements
  • They need funding to tide them over when things don’t go to plan
  • They have some unexpected costs and need finance to keep the business afloat

Bridging or Working Capital Loan Terms

Loan Amount

Up to $5M (1st Mortgages) & $2M (2nd Mortgages)


Up to 75% (max. LVR of 75% for major metro residential property, other security at lower LVRs)


1st or 2nd Mortgage


3-12 months + Extensions

Bridging or Working Capital Loans

A bridging loan is a short-term loan used as funding for a business until a borrower has a more permanent source of finance in place or has the cashflow to clear the debt in full. While a working capital loan is a type of short-term loan used to finance a company’s everyday operations. The goal of working capital loans is to provide working capital for short-term expenditures, such as wages, rent, stock, debt service payments, or to finance activities, such as sales and marketing or research and development.

A short-term loan from a private lender for bridging finance or as a working capital solution is often a great choice for many businesses. Usually a bank will not consider a short-term loan application because they take too long or require regular servicing of the loan (monthly payments) which isn’t possible for the business. Or there may be circumstances that make the business an unfavourable borrower to the bank, but a short-term private lender is able to be more flexible. A short-term lender will focus more on the ‘exit strategy’ the borrower will employ to pay the loan off. If the borrower can show that they have a strong plan to extinguish the debt then usually a private lender will be able to provide finance.

Lending Process


Complete our
Quick App Form


Give us a call
1300 856 683.


After receiving the Application we’ll develop an Indicative Letter of Offer which includes an indicative interest rate.

Once the Offer is accepted a small assessment fee is charged to cover the searches we do in due diligence.


Once we’ve completed our due diligence, we’ll send a formal Letter of Offer. Once signed the loan documents are drawn up and sent to the Borrower’s solicitor.


Upon return of the fully executed documents the approval fee, legal costs and prepaid interest are deducted from the loan and the balance is paid to the Borrower.

Referrer fees are paid within 24 hours from settlement with no clawbacks.

We endeavor to make this process as quick as possible and can settle within 5 days upon receipt of all outstanding information.

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